A Fanmade Christmas Special is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


In a drama class, Lumpy the teacher is telling everyone about a christmas play and Sapphire, Rex, and Ale are the stars of the play. Everyone gets dressed up and then the play begins. Sapphire, Rex, and Ale all start to sing and then The Mole must press a button to start the snow. However, he presses the wrong button and that button moves the dangling santa and reindeer into Superspeed, slicing him in half. Sapphire, Rex, and Ale all see it then flip out. Sapphire grabs Mime, chucks him into the air, and then slices him while spinning his body on her long knife. Meanwhile, Rex and Ale have killed Lumpy and The Mole. Ale grabs Trippy, smashes his head through the window, and then shoots him. After that, they all return to normal and start singing again.


  • Superspeed is sliced in two.
  • Sapphire kills Mime.
  • Lumpy and The Mole are killed by Rex and Ale (death not seen).
  • Ale kills Trippy.

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