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Flaky Says No Not for Profit

Only the creator is allowed to use this character in episodes. If you wish to use this character, please ask permission first.

Hey do you remember this by Sabaku No Ale
Name Ale
Gender Female
Interests Playing, Being With Friends, Yoga
Grey Wolf
Color Grey
Age 29
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Rachel, Martyna, Yooriliz, Kim, Paurii,

Aleksei, Virginie, Jussy, Gaby, Shopi, Xime, Van, Mahogany, Needles, Marco, Fabi, Flippy

Enemies/Rivals Alice, Fliqpy, Adam, Lucy, Lilith, RAY
Kill Count 7
Death Count 9
First Victim Giggles
First Death Ice Cream, You Scream

Ale is a fan character.


Ale is a gray wolf that was created by a deviantART member, AleEvilSoldier. She had a crush on, married, and even had children with the Canon Character, Flippy. Ale also possess an evil twin, or "demon", by the name of Evil Ale, or as most people call her, 'Alice'.

In more recent news, Ale has been completely changed to no longer fit the 'Flippy-Sue' category. More information will be released soon.

Episode List

Starring Roles

  1. Ice Cream, You Scream
  2. If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em'
  3. I Have a Boney Feeling
  4. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  5. Nail White Part 2
  6. Bottling it Up Inside
  7. Wise Noises
  8. Sing of Candy
  9. Ale to the Chief
  10. Going Back in Time
  11. Anger Mismanagement
  12. stop looking at...
  13. ALE O.O
  14. ALE O.O 2
  15. Shut him or die

Featuring Roles

  1. Your happy your ugly
  2. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  3. Sweet Tooth Decay
  4. Tough Enough?
  5. Horror-scope
  6. You're Joshing Me


  1. Nail White Part 1
  2. Trouble Double Crosser
  3. Dopework
  4. Allergy Whiz
  5. Flippy and his Twenty
  6. Good Knight
  7. The Bathroom Break
  8. The Big Three Oh!
  9. First and Fort-Most
  10. Project Girly
  11. R.I.P. Waxy


  1. Trippy- 6 (Ice Cream, You Scream, If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em', Your Happy, Your Ugly, The Right Side Of The Tracks, Are ya Thirsty Pardner, Sweet Tooth Decay)
  2. Clumsy- 1 (Ice Cream, You Scream)
  3. Giggles- 3 (Ice Cream, You Scream, Project Girly, Gallery photo)
  4. Petunia- 2 (Ice Cream, You Scream, Trouble Double Crosser)
  5. Toothy- 6 (Ice Cream, You Scream, Trouble Double Crosser, Sweet Tooth Decay, Sing of Candy, First and Fort-Most, Horror-scope)
  6. Sniffles- 3 (Ice Cream, You Scream, Allergy Whiz, Horror-scope)
  7. Cuddles- 3 (Ice Cream, You Scream, I Have a Boney Feeling, Horror-scope)
  8. Lumpy- 2 (Ice Cream, You Scream, Anger Mismanagement)
  9. Ribbons- 1 (If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em')
  10. Lily- 1 (If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em')
  11. Rosy- 1 (If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em')
  12. Mime- 1 (If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em')
  13. Superspeed- 4 (I Have a Boney Feeling, The Right Side Of The Tracks, Are ya Thirsty Pardner, Sweet Tooth Decay)
  14. Disco Bear- 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  15. Handy- 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  16. Cheeks- 1 (Your Happy, Your Ugly)
  17. Kaleidoscope - 1 (Your Happy, Your Ugly)
  18. Bonecrusher - 1 (Your Happy, Your Ugly)
  19. Pia - 3 (Your Happy, Your Ugly, Trouble Double Crosser, The Right Side Of The Tracks)
  20. Hippy - 3 (Nail White Part 1, The Right Side Of The Tracks, Sweet Tooth Decay)
  21. Lammy - 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  22. Puffy - 1 (I Have a Boney Feeling)
  23. Cub - 1 (I Have a Boney Feeling)
  24. Jussy - 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  25. Truffles - 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  26. Rip - 2 (Trouble Double Crosser, Flippy and his Twenty)
  27. Howdy - 2 (Trouble Double Crosser, Sweet Tooth Decay)
  28. Shuffles - 1 (Trouble Double Crosser)
  29. Ziggles - 1 (The Right Side Of The Tracks)
  30. Spot - 1 (The Right Side Of The Tracks)
  31. Fireball - 1 (The Right Side Of The Tracks)
  32. Lessy - 1 (The Right Side Of The Tracks)
  33. Torn - 2 (The Right Side Of The Tracks, Flippy and his Twenty)
  34. Guddles - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  35. Wooly - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  36. Minttles - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  37. Nippy - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  38. Robo Star - 2 (Are ya Thirsty Pardner, Sweet Tooth Decay)
  39. Flippy - 2 (Sweet Tooth Decay, First and Fort-Most)
  40. Ava - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  41. Fiora - 1 (Sweet Tooth Decay)
  42. Sickly - 1 (Allergy Whiz)
  43. Lollie - 1 (Sing of Candy)
  44. Lamana - 1 (Sing of Candy)
  45. Pierce - 1 (Ale to the Chief)
  46. Pranky - 2 (The Bathroom Break, First and Fort-Most)
  47. Leif - 1 (The Big Three Oh!)
  48. Flaky -1 (Horror-scope)
  49. Herman - 1 (Horror-scope)
  50. Daydream - 1 (Horror-scope)


  1. Nail White Part 2: Hit by a knife.
  2. Bottling it Up Inside: Killed by Rip (possibly).
  3. Torn and Rips Revenge: killed by Torn.
  4. Are ya Thirsty Partner: Crushed by a beer tank.
  5. Flippy and his Twenty: Decapitated by Flippy.
  6. Sweet Tooth Decay: Blown up, zombie self sucked into vacuum.
  7. Tough Enough?: Impaled by Perry's horns.
  8. "Cat"pocalypse: Ripped open by Smoky's Sickle, then nuked
  9. You're Joshing Me: Strangled to death.

Occupations and Careers

  1. Train Driver (The Right Side Of The Tracks!)


  1. Trippy - Best Friend
  2. Sapphire - Best Friend
  3. Rex - Close Friend
  4. Flippy - Best Friend / Ex-Husband
  5. Lumpy - Disliked Individual
  6. Disco Bear - Enemy
  7. Petunia - Frenemy
  8. Max - Disliked Individual
  9. Kenny - Son
  10. Alexis - Daughter
  11. Fliqpy - Enemy
  12. Alice - Demon/Nemesis
  13. Janet - Sister
  14. KIU - Brother
  15. Jill - Cousin
  16. Lilith - Disliked Individual
  17. Adam - Frenemy
  18. Lucy - Frenemy
  19. Speirs - Enemy


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  • She has undergone four different appearance changes.
  • Her survival rate is 45%
  • In fan version episodes, she takes place of Flippy.
  • Her creator deleted her deviantART account which contained all original art of Ale.
  • After a period of years, in 2010, Alejandra finally got rid of Ale's ability to flip-out by creating a back story which involved Alice being able to separate herself from Ale.
  • Her names is pronounced AH-LEH, not AIL. She's not an alcoholic drink; her character is Spanish.
  • As of 2013, she is only to be used by her creator and became a not-for-profit character.
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