All Hail the Idol
The idol is ready to make a kill.
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 9
Starring Roles
The Cursed Idol
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Desert Dessert
Next Episode Dopework

All Hail the Idol is an episode of the internet series.


Kooka is seen on a playground, eating a hamburger. He sees the Cursed Idol on the ground and picks it up, wondering who it belongs to. He then continues to chew the hamburger but ends up choking on a piece. Once he faints, as his arm swings right up and then back down, The Cursed Idol flies out of his hand and lands near Splendid.

Splendid is trying to cook bread when the Cursed Idol flies in his window. Splendid looks at it and puts it on a high shelf reading "Exclusives". Suddenly, his bread "overcooks" and the room fills with smoke and Splendid suffocates. Just before his death, he bumps into a leg holding the shelf with the Cursed Idol on it and the cursed Idol flies away.

Pop is at a resturant, about to order his food from a drive-thru. The Cursed Idol flies to Cub, who accepts it and hugs it. Pop then finally gets up to the speaker, when suddenly, the sound of who speaks to them gets loud and Pop puts up his window, but it breaks the glass of their window and shards of glass go into Pop and Cub. After Cub is hit by another shard, the idol pops out of his hand.

It lands near Flaky, who is playing on a seesaw. The Cursed Idol flies into her hand. Buddy comes over and asks if she can play, Flaky accepting. Suddenly, Buddy jumps on the seesaw and her weight makes Flaky go so high she ends up in space and goes frozen, then getting hit by a satellite. Buddy looks at the cursed idol, but the satellite that hit Flaky in space comes down and hits her.


  • Kooka chokes on a hamburger.
  • Splendid suffocates.
  • Pop and Cub are hit by shards of glass.
  • Flaky is launched into space, gone frozen, and hit by a satellite.
  • Buddy is hit by a sattelite.


  • The satellite can not go from space to down on the ground that fast. It could of, however, been a different satellite.


  • Pop and Cub's deaths are the same to their deaths in "Mime to Five".
  • Flaky's death is the same as one of Cuddles' deaths in "Blast from the Past".
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