Amber is an orange skunk. She is very shy and nervous, but she is always ready for what is going to happen. She was born in Russia but after her family began a record company they moved to Kharkiv  Ukraine as they would recive more money there due to the bigger market. Her family unfortunatly died after a acident due to the combustion of a nitrate film. After the death of her parents Amber fled to Pripyat not long after when she met her closest friend Zodiac. She has arsonphobia (fear of fire) and if she hears or sees fire she goes crazy and offen hyperventilates in the process. This fear is similar to Petunia's OCD since both of the characters have a similar appearance.



  • Pripyat Got Your Tongue
  • You Saw Me
  • Quiz Height
  • Flip the Coin
  • No Mime for that: 


  • Going Nutty
  • Blade Cases




  1. Pripyat Got Your Tongue: Ran over by a bus
  2. Fusion Illusion: Killed by Kyron (dream only)
  3. Blade Cases: Burnt to death by a cannister of tar.
  4. Quiz Height: Chokes on chocolate due to allergic reaction.
  5. Going Nutty: Impailed by multiple shards of glass
  6. No Mime For That: Crushed by a truck (Debatatable)
  7. Give And Cake: stabs herself with a cake spatula 


  • Zodiac - Brother




  • Amber is revealed to be a combination of Petunia, Flaky, and Handy.
  • She is one of the orange characters.
  • Most of her deaths are short and unexpected
  • She is one of many characters who has more kills than deaths.
  • Since Amber being born in Russia or at the time the Soviet Union she knows a lot of the russian language eg in pripyat got your tounge she says to toothy Vy khotite stakan sidra ? Вы хотите стакан сидра? meaning do you want a glass of cider.
  • Amber seems to have a obsession with anything that smells of oranges.


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