Annie is a minor character in Happy Tree Friends: Partners Collide.

Character Bio

Annie, who is Jen-Jen's sister, is a 16 year old girl with black and white hair. She always thinks that Flaky is going to kill her at night. It seems that her clothes are actually a prison outfit and she does wear it all the time since she got it from the trash. On Grande Size Me, she works at Pepper Cat, a pizza place.


  • Four of a Kind
  • Grande Size me
  • Go Giggles Go!
  • Its my Birthday not you
  • Fake up Truth up
  • Fun and Games
  • Night of the were-Tree Friend
  • Smarty Pants
  • Hard Lucky
  • Full Power
  • Clfen Lied
  • The Increible Bulk
  • Ewww Thats Growth
  • This is halloween
  • Mid form zone
  • Mombo Jumbo
  • Journey to the Center of Handy
  • rebel robot ranch
  • Ginny in wonderland
  • Pandemic
  • Pandemic 2: the startling
  • The Big attack
  • The Tattletale of Frankenette
  • Big in Time
  • Sugar Sweet
  • Time of Mime Part 3
  • Disco Blob
  • Clown Hater
  • Cheerleader Blues
  • Aliens can control you mind?
  • Transform but really Big
  • Pepper Cat the movie
  • Risen of Dark Bear
  • The 10 Power Sqaure
  • Supers of them all
  • Battle to the face

Names in Other Languages


Энни Tuzzle (Enni Tuzzle)

Annie Tuzzle


Annie Tuzzle

Annie Tuzzle


Annie Tuzzle

Annie Tuzzle


アニーTuzzle (Anī Tuzzle)

Annie Tuzzle

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