"Autopsy Turvy" is a fanon episode of the fourth season of the internet series.


Meaty and Buddy throw clothes out of the closet, and jump out dressed as a cowboy and a cub scout. Some of the clothes thrown fell on Cro-Marmot, who is now dressed as a women. Buddy tries to get a cowboy hat, but almost falls and hits the hook, but Meaty holds his tail and keeps him safe.

Meaty and Buddy then walk out of the closet, when Flippy's car comes in and pushes Cro-Marmot into Kooka and Buddy, crushing them. Fliqpy is strangling Flippy, when Flippy pushes the break and the car goes away. Meanwhile, it shows Kooka and Buddy crushed.


"Two heads are better than one!"



  • Meaty
  • Buddy


  • Cro-Marmot
  • Flippy


  • Meaty and Buddy are crushed by Cro-Marmot


  • The moral is the same as in "Double Whammy Part 1"
  • This is the first episode Buddy appears in.


Before: Remains of the Flippy Part 2
After: Sugar vs. Meat

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