Ava is a fan character created by SweetTooth98 (Now AngelinBlack424) and she is the creators main fan character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Ava the Red Squrriel

Ava the Red Squrriel

Ava is a red squrriel that is best friends with Ziggles and lives with her in their little tree house in the town of Happy Tree Town. She is a red squrriel and has a little lighting bolt birthmark on the right side of her forehead and a patch of hair on top of her head, nearly covering her eye. She has an addictive craving with eating hearts from other animals. She is very cute and loving, but has been seen as a pyschopath to the animals who have witnessed the gory crimes she had previously committed. Ava used to be a doctor for Happy Tree Hospital. However, she was soon fired from her job because she was not allowed to eat the patients' hearts. No one had realized what an awkward killer Ava can truly become.

Ava now lives with Ziggles in a tree branch, similar to Flippy's house. Most of Ava's kills involves heart removal. She has a huge crush on Nutty, but in the episode I Splendon't Do Anything, Ava instantly falls for Splendont. Ava even kills Ziggles by accident sometimes


  • The reason she is obsessed with eating hearts is because the creator got the idea from a song from Avenged Sevenfold called "A Little Piece of Heaven".


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