Babysitting is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Sapphire
  • Pop
  • Cub
  • Lumpy
  • Nutty
  • Toothy


Pop is about to go out, so he is looking for a babysitter for Cub. He rings Sapphire and asks if she can help and she agrees. Pop is now getting ready. There's a knock at the door. He opens it and Sapphire walks in. Pop and Sapphire talk a little and then Pop needs to go. Only a few seconds that Sapphire has just settled down, Cub starts crying. She rushes to him and picks him up, hugging him. She picks up a dummy and puts it in his mouth. However, he spits it out. She then decides to go to the sweet shop to get some sweets for Cub. She puts her coat on, then puts a little baby coat on Cub, and then picks him up and carries him out to the sweet shop. Toothy is shown buying a lollipop and walks out happily, only to be knocked over by a car, his blood and guts splashing everywhere. Sapphire quickly blocks Cub's eyes and nearly flips out, but she manages to resist it. She grabs a huge lollipop and quickly throws the money on the counter and runs out, passing the lollipop to Cub. Nutty walks past them and sees the lollipop, so he runs for it, but Sapphire sees him and blocks him from coming anywhere near them. He gets sad and walks off. Sapphire carries Cub to a playground, where he goes down a slide, which has a broken nail pointing out at the end. Sapphire rushes and manages to stop Cub from getting stabbed. She sighs in relief. Just then, that same car goes into the park, runs over Nutty, and then parks. Lumpy is seen walking out from the car. Sapphire then picks up Cub and goes back home. She sets him down and then goes to get the phone. Meanwhile, Cub crawls off the chair and into the kitchen. He knocks over knives, which nearly fall on him. He then crawls to a big cauldron with hot water inside. He falls in and gets burnt to death. Meanwhile, Sapphire finishes the phone call and then goes back, only to find out that Cub is missing. She checks everywhere, and then finds him in the cauldron. She panics, grabs his remains, and buries them while crying. She then makes a little doll and draws a face on it. When Pop comes home, she smiles, says goodbye, and walks out, leaving the doll in Cub's place.


  • Toothy is knocked over by Lumpy's car.
  • Nutty is run over by Lumpy.
  • Cub falls into a cauldron and burns to death.

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