Basketstar is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


Robo Star is training Superspeed to be a good basketball player. Superspeed runs and jumps, only to miss and fall. The basketball bounces away. Robo Star runs and grabs it, runs to the other goal, and slams dunk it, making Superspeed feel bad. Robo Star hands Superspeed the ball, which he tries again, only to miss and he gets stuck on the goal ring. Superspeed then becomes nervous, thinking he'll die. Finally losing his grip, he falls about 4 feet and lands safely. Robo Star is standing next to him angrily. He holds the ball up and again shows Superspeed how to slam dunk. This time he does it at the goal Superspeed is at, and slams dunk the ball hard, crushing Superspeed underneath the ball. Robo Star picks up his remains and asks for another.


  • Superspeed is crushed by the basketball.

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