Big Bully is an episode of Bros to the Most. For this spin-off, this would technically introduce Howdy, Pierce, and Trippy.



  1. Howdy
  2. Pierce


  1. Trippy
  2. Hippy
  3. Lary & Mary
  4. Generic Tree Friends


The screen starts out black with "Bros to the Most". It then says "Howdy...", and suddenly "...and Pierce in..." The text fades and the title appears. It then fades up to the night blue sky, when the sun suddenly pops up.

Howdy comes out of his house, and gets ready to practice his cowboy tricks. Meanwhile, at a park, Pierce asks numerous people, including Trippy and Hippy if they want to play with him. For being a bully, they all reply: "NO!"

Pierce cries and hides behind a house, and Lary asks him if he is really crying, and Pierce wipes his eyes and angrily yells "NO!" and runs away crying. He decides to turn to the good side.

Pierce asks nicely to play with them. Meanwhile, Howdy comes by and thinks Pierce is going to bully them again, despite Pierce is telling Lary and Mary he's going to the good side. Howdy swings his rope and throws it, and it lands over Pierce's head, and lands on his neck, choking him.

Pierce easily gets mad and gets ready to pound him. He takes the rope off and throws it at Howdy, and it slices his arm off. Howdy quickly ties his arm in a knot to keep the blood in, and jumps at Pierce, only for him to swing his back and reveal his quills.

Howdy is completely impaled on Pierce's quills, but only survives with...large holes. Howdy quickly rips off Pierce's quills, making him scream in pain. Howdy then impales him with his own quills.

Now, both of them are even. Both of them have large holes in them by the quills. They die of blood loss. Hippy, Trippy, Lary, and Mary walk away, pretending not to notice.


  • Howdy and Pierce are both impaled by Pierce's quills and they die of blood loss.


  • Pierce is choked by Howdy's rope.
  • Howdy's arm is sliced off by his own rope.
  • Howdy is impaled by Pierce's quills.
  • Pierce's quills are ripped off.


  • This is Pierce and Howdy's first appearances and deaths in the Ka-Pow spin-off.
  • This is Trippy's first appearance in the Ka-Pow spin-off.

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