Birthday Pranks is an episode of Season 7.





Trippy, Minty, Nippy, and Pranky are celebrating Hippy's birthday with a special suprise. But with Pranky, you know how much of a "suprise" it will be...

First, when Hippy plays on a bouncy house, Pranky lets out all the air and it collapses on him. Next, when Hippy blows out the candles on the cake, the candles relight themselves. Then, when Hippy opens the gift from Pranky, it turns out to be a fire hydrant.

Hippy is mad at Pranky. When they eat cake, Hippy takes out a long piece of paper reading "PRANKY BIRTHDAY!". Nippy flips-out and kicks Pranky out and he smashes into a tree. He survives the attack, but when Pranky finally "gets off", it turns out Nippy pranked him back by putting glue on the tree.

Pranky gets off finally, but rips his own skin off. Pranky then yells and screams, later dying of blood loss.

Later, Pranky's remains has been disguised as birthday food. Everyone eats Pranky's remains and Hippy drinks a glass of blood, mistaking it for juice, while part of a bone is inside the juice as an ice cube.


"Have a good birthday!"


  • Pranky dies of blood loss when ripping his own skin off when he is glued to a tree.


  • Pranky giving Hippy a fire hydrant for his birthday may be a reference to an episode of A.N.T. Farm.

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