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  • Sugar&spicearenotspecial

    As you know, I have two most fcked up and creepiest characters in this wikia. They both didn't seem creepy to me but others said that these two characters are creepy as hell. And I'm asking myself like, "Wait, there's more HTF characters out there that creepiest than mine, but why my characters are mostly considered as the creepy and nightmare ones?". DetoxCyanide's characters are also creepy, however, my big bro don't thinks that his characters are creepy but instead mine.

    So here's what am I gonna do, I made a poll. This'll determine whether my characters is creepy or Cyan's.

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  • 1MysteriousEnigma

    First off... *errating whimpering* this is absolutely insane. I'll talk more about why I've suddenly decided to drop by later, kek. For now, I'm going to talk Deadeye Derby. 

    I remember my first time playing this game. As soon as it was made available, I was all over it. And over the next few months or so, I barely got through a day without playing it. Then I did. And days became weeks, weeks became months, and months became years; and I never played the game once 

    Until years later

    A few months ago I started playing again, but not with the fervor I had all those years ago. Weeks after that, I wasn't playing the game at all

    Until just yesterday

    That brings me to this...if possible, is anyone willing to compete with me? Here's what you're up again…

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  • Justinsz

    Kinda felt like giving away some of these characters. Mawl, I thought he was impossible to put in episodes, so there's that.

    There's also this scrapped alien character who constantly tries to escape the planet Earth, but fails miserably. You can decide what the color and name is. Don't worry, going to make two more characters in the future.

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  • Justinsz

    Isn't Krixby going to be unbanned tomorrow? What should we do if he acts like an @sshole again? Just ban him for good? Or should we just keep a REALLY good eye on him if he does anything.

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  • Sugar&spicearenotspecial

    Well that's so fast... >.>

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  • Yellow-spider-kitty Tell me how many you got right

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  • Justinsz

    There is something that bugs me about two of the categories, which are the grey and gray ones. They are literally the exact same color, but they are spelt differently, so there are two completely split categories. Should we just combine the two and decide which category we'll stick with?

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  • Justinsz

    You know, when I joined this wiki in May 2017, I noticed that this wiki in my taste is going A BILLION TIMES better than early-mid 2016 (well, 2016 is called the worst year for a reason). Alot more people are joining, no drama, I think the future will hold good luck for us. What do you think the wiki has come to right now? Do you think there are alot of original ideas with episodes and characters, and lack of drama (EXCEPT FOR KRIXBY'S TASTE)?

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  • HowlLuna2016

    More Adoptables!

    May 10, 2017 by HowlLuna2016

    I have made tons more adoptables because I was bored. 

    Say ALMOST HAIRLESS for Chinese Crested Dog

    Say FLUFFY for Wocky-like Persian Cat taken by La-Cocotua

    Say FISH for Penguin

    Say FIRE for Oriole

    Say ALBINO for Albino Bat

    Say FERAL for Coyote  taken by XXMyLittlePeggie67Xx

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  • BlueTide

    The Maydoption 2

    May 10, 2017 by BlueTide

    Lets get started ;D again.

    Actually there're some older ocs that I planned already have a name. The shark actually I want to give SharkBooster but sadly he don't want any ocs LOL.

    Also, sorry for my bad time management.

    Edit: Another 6 will come few hours later. 

    • Say SODA if you want Jaws(the shark). Coco
    • Say DIG if you want the mole. Courier
    • Say TRASHCAN if you want Brass(the raccoon). Justin
    • Say FLUFF if you want Angora rabbit
    • Say CHOCOLATE if you want the Newttella. LRKH
    • Say UMBRELLA if you want the poodle. ExB
    • Say TINY if you want the pudu. XXM/Venus
    • Say SHELL if you want Maya(the sea turtle)  Ok lol, I gonna take back Maya for reasons. I gonna replace her with another one.
    • Say HOP if you want Hops the kangaroo.(if you check out Lia & Snapshot page, y…

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