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  • Mariana From Antarctica

    I might return... but, just to be sure... has there been any drama lately?

    EDIT: I'm returning... as long as the drama level remains very low, otherwise, I am leaving again, that's why I left in October.

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  • Sugar&spicearenotspecial

    [[File:Character_Meme_-_Type_of_Dere.png|thumb|370px|Free to use!

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  • HowlLuna2016

    I used the unadopted characters as Vote or Die Characters.

    You can vote for Humps, Venom or Jewel Read more >
  • Yellow-spider-kitty

    I created WAY TO MANY filler/scrapped ocs over the years and their's no way to get rid of them beyond just deleting all their pages, so i'm just going to list all the ocs I still use.

    1. Raymond
    2. Random
    3. Sunset
    4. Paws
    5. Raylene
    6. Thunder (YSK, redoing her page soon)
    7. Poachy
    8. Hornless (maybe, haven't thought of that many ideas for him lately)
    9. Abby
    10. Baldwin
    11. Quarto Murum
    12. Ludwig
    13. Ell
    14. Kite
    15. Kid
    16. Uncle Jagger
    17. Most of my adopted ocs (Daphne (shared but whatever), Sparky, Savaughn etc)
    18. Random's sisters
    19. Marus
    20. Gady
    21. Yosbea
    22. Ruddles
    23. Greasy
    24. Hissy (kinda of)
    25. Quarto Murum (mostly when I need an anchorman for rps and stuff)
    26. Demony
    27. Dokie
    28. Chompers
    29. Unlucky
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  • Sugar&spicearenotspecial

    Porter Robinson is my most favorite record producer and/or musician on Youtube and all of his music is so heartwarming and made my day felt happy and sad at same time. If you don't know who Porter Robinson is, then I'll tell ye.

    Porter Robinson is an American DJ, record producer and musician from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has released multiple number one singles across different electronic genres. His debut album, Worlds, was released on August 12, 2014.

    He also created a beautiful music called Shelter (which turn out became animation with same name) along with French DJ named Madeon, it's the very cool and tearjerker music animation on Youtube history. There's alot fan arts and theories about it, many people believe that Worlds album …

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  • Sugar&spicearenotspecial

    ForThis blog is about my PERSONAL things, but there's only few of them so don't be worried to read this sh*t. If you don't want to read it, then left me alone... I'm such a loser. ;3;

    • Bipolar Disorder - Because my moods always change so quickly.
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Thanks to Petunia , now I suffered this illness. D:<
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder - I always being cautious around my environment.
    • Social Anxiety Disorder - I always feel uncomfortable and awkward when talked to people around me.
    • Schizophrenia - I had this illness when I was 4, but it's now barely happen to me. Fun Fact: This illness is actually helpful for me because it's bring me to fantasy and vivid worlds and give me some amazing imaginations.
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disor…

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  • HowlLuna2016


    April 9, 2017 by HowlLuna2016

    I decided that I had enough with my VOD losers and Gunner. Well, it's a short blog.

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  • OwtheEdgehog

    As the title of this blog suggests, sorry for being inactive in this wiki. Was kinda losing motivation for making episodes here. Dw I'll be more active here (hopefully, since exams are coming up on May), I promise. ^-^

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  • Winklekinkle

    Secret Project

    April 7, 2017 by Winklekinkle

    Hey its, BuckandCHuck or Wink here. Now you may now that my activuyt here is rather scarce...well I have a bit of news. Im working on a special secret project that combiens HTF with my other big fandom.

    Here's a Hint.

    Winklekinkle (talk) 21:16, April 7, 2017 (UTC)

    UPDATE 1: DDDDDDDDDANGAN RONPA. First Four. That right, its  DR HTF Crossover/

    UPDATE 2: Four More

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  • BlueTide

    Not related to HTFF(pretty much).

    but her, I'm seriously gonna do something during 5 months holiday. Comics is my thing nowsince 2011. If you curious about my comic series, here check it out here: Imper Forest, it's actually action-adventure.

    I'm gonna restart it back to make it more into real comic format and try to publish it somewhere. I'll start maybe on the end of April or mid May.

    So, if you guys want some of your characters to be a part in my series... idk tho, if you guys want it too and also I have problems choosing characters. Flynn, already tier 2 support character in my series. Argosith by ExB(still gonna call you that, don't care 'bout your new name) confirmed as we both (lol) ask for permissions. Hey LoD, don't mind me add Brohdy …

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