Skeleton sniffles.

Bones Away is a fan-made HTF episode.





Sir Gron looks at himself at the mirror, and seeing his skeletal self, wishes to be alive again. He then has an idea. Sir Gron walks towards Sniffles' house hoping Sniffles can make him alive again. He knocks on the door and Sniffles opens it.

Sniffles get shocked, but Gron tells him to calm down and he needs his help. Sniffles lets him in and hearing about how Sir Gron wants to be alive again. Sniffles gets to work automaically. 3 hours later he finishes, and he tests it on Sir Gron. He was able to turn Sir Gron into the healthy knight that led the crusades, but 10 seconds later he turns back into his skeletal self again.

Confused Sniffles does it again and again, but everytime Gron goes skeletal. Finally Sniffles finds the "Be healthy forever" button but Sniffles accidently switches it to "Skeletal Forever" and shoots it at himself, turning him into a skeleton and killing him. Sir Gron realizes that being a normal tree friend isn't so great as he will die more often and decides to stay a skeleton for then.


  • Sniffles was turned into a skeleton.


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