Toothy, Scales, and Puffy enter a haunted house at the carnival. Toothy and Scales are obviously excited, while Puffy is scared. Shortly after entering the building, Scales has part of his skull scratched off by a monster's hand that pops out from a coffin. Traumatized by this, Toothy doesn't notice the pendulum swinging back and forth in front of their car. He doesn't duck and, as a result, he gets sliced in half.

Puffy backs into a corner, when suddenly a cauldron suspended above the car fills it with lava up to Puffy's waist. In pain, he jumps out of the car, only to have it tip over and have the lava cover the rest of his body (excluding the top of his head). Before the episode ends, a cheap paper ghost drops down beside Puffy's skeleton and lets out a wail.

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