"Break of the Platypi" is an episode of Bros to the Most. For this spinoff, the episode would technically introduce Lary, Mary, and the Platypus Aliens.



  1. Lary & Mary
  2. Platypus Aliens


  1. Howdy
  2. Hippy


The camera pans over Lary & Mary's house, saying "Bros to the Most". It pans in their bedroom, showing the title of the episode, and panning over to Lary and Mary, who awaken during the night by a strange sound.

Lary and Mary walk outside and see a big ship. The door opens, and numerous platypus aliens jump out. Lary and Mary freak out, and are soon surrounded by Platypus Aliens.

Once everyone has surrounded Lary and Mary, they forget to surround the ship, giving Lary and Mary a chance to run into it. The Platypus aliens follow, while some aliens don't get up the steps one bit, and a few climbing the steps are soon crushed when they close.

Lary and Mary fly away, and a few platypus aliens put on their emergency jetpacks and surround the ship. Lary, who is driving, screams as he can't see where he is going, which causes him to crash into a building.

A few platypus aliens splattered on the building, and Howdy and Hippy (who were in the building) survive with slight bleeds, only for one of the Platypus aliens to turn on their jetpacks, and the smoke on the two and the smoke stays on them for a while and they suffocate.

Now Lary and Mary are in big trouble. Lary then tries breaking a piece of the ship off and throwing it at the platypus aliens, which throws their heads off. Lary and Mary high five and continue to throw pieces of the ship, only to eventually be eletrocuted and killed.


  1. A few platypus aliens are crushed by steps.
  2. A few platypus aliens are splattered on the building.
  3. Hippy and Howdy die of suffocation of smoke.
  4. A few platypus aliens have their body parts thrown off when Lary and Mary throw pieces of the ship at them.
  5. Lary and Mary are eletrocuted.

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