Britton is a bear in HTFF. Britton knows a lot about video games. He has friends, like Bella and Webb.


Britton is a bit of a basket case. He loves playing video games, he loves interacting with other people, and he's got some trouble with his emotions. He started out as an atheist at one point, but became an incredibly liberal Christian after he had lost someone close to him due to his own terrible tendencies. He's also a homosexual (he used to identify as bisexual when he was "questioning" himself, and had a bit of a "thing" with Lammy when he was younger). He is an avid supporter of civil rights.


He gets decapitated and impaled as a few of his deaths. He dies in the video games he has appeared in as well.



  • Superhero by Kagamine Len (Expresses how he feels unappreciated)


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Britton tickling Lumpy, drawn by NovaFlareon on Flickr.

  • Britton is named after the user who made him, Brittonbubba. He has characteristics based off of who he is in real life (he's gay, he's got a love for video games, etc.)


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