Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth, the Red Wolf

Broken Tooth is Karnage's twin brother and he is a red wolf.

Character Bio

Broken Tooth is a red wolf and is Karnage's twin brother. He is as nervous as Flaky, and even has a crush on her. Broken Tooth has a lot of fears. Being a vampire, Broken Tooth is too afraid to drink the blood of others, so he just drinks the blood of cows at an abandoned farm. Broken Tooth always accidentally kills someone in every episode, and never dies in a single episode. He is part of the "Subconscious Allusion" vampire pack.

Jobs and Occupations

  • Waiter
  • Bartender
  • Taxi Driver
  • Bus Driver

Names in Other Languages


сломанный зуб (Slomannyĭ Zub)

Broken Tooth


Diente Roto

Broken Tooth


Gebrochenen Zahn

Broken Tooth


ブロークントゥース (Burōkunto~ūsu)

Broken Tooth

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