Bubblevicious is a crossover episode.

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles

  • Proffessor Untorium
  • Mayor


  • Spook
  • Generic Tree Friends


It starts in the girls' home. Bubbles is constantly being teased and bullied by her sisters, Buttercup and Blossom. She eventually gets so mad, as the next day at school she tackles Buttercup for teasing her. Just then, Bubbles answers the hotline, only to hear the mayor calling for help as a giant monster has invaded the town. Bubbles flies away to fight it. Seeing no other weapon to take it out, she grabs a RV (with Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star and Spook inside it) and brutally kills the monster. She, in victory, throws the RV back down easily causing it to explode and killing everyone inside it. She goes back to fight more villains, while killing other generic tree friends. Bubbles then returns only to see her sisters and Proffesor Untorium scaring her off.


  • A monster is killed when Bubbles smashes a RV into it.
  • Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star, and Spook are killed in the RV explosion.
  • Several villains and generic tree friends are killed in a vicious fight.

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