Buckethead's normal state.

Buckethead is a periwinkle badger and an optional Constructifriend. He can help Scrapper make Devastator's left arm.

Normal State

In normal state, Buckethead's buckets look perfectly normal.

War State

In war state, his eyes turn red. The buckets on his hands get miniature chainsaws and the bucket on his head produces electricity of up to 100,000 volts, which is enough to catch someone on fire while it stops their heart.

Numbers of kills

Flaky: Cut in half by buckethead's knife

Cuddles: Stung by bumblebees

Nutty: Poked by his shot

Sniffles: Bitten by a snake

Lammy: Got shotted by buckethead's shot gun

Appearance Roles

  1. Mall and Sundry
  2. Making The Heat Up
  3. Nuttin' but the Tooth


  1. Mall and Sundry: Dies along with the other Constructifriends when the mall collapses. (debatable)
  2. Hell Toupee: Electrocuted by an electric chair


  • He is a parody of Buckethead from the Transformers franchise.

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