Buddhist Monkey is good at karate, but for the first time in his life, he will experience death!

Idle Animations

  1. He waves at the viewers and says hi.
  2. He begins to flip-out, but stops.



Buddhist Monkey gets out hard sneakers. He practices his karate kicking. He does a couple of punches, and decides to go hard. He kicks the screen, and the screen cracks in half. Breaking the fourth wall, the screen cracking in half also caused Buddhist Monkey to be cracked in half. Buddhist Monkey hops on one foot around his half for a while and dies of blood loss.


A punching bag comes down to Buddhist Monkey, whom practices his karate punches and kicks with it. He then kicks it so hard it flies off the screen. Buddhist Monkey gets confused and shrugs. He begins to sit down and relax, when suddenly the punching bag comes from the other side of the screen and splatters Buddhist Monkey against the wall.


A thick board falls out of the sky and lands near Buddhist Monkey, whom picks it up and uses strings to hold it up. He tries punching it numerous times, but it wouldn't break. He tries punching harder, only for his fists to break right off. He tries to use his head to break the board, only for his brain to be exposed and to die from blood loss.


  1. This is, so far, the only time Buddhist Monkey dies.

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