Buddy new
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Dress-up and helping the enviroment
Species: Cat
Color: Yellow and Brown

Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Kooka
Enemies/Rivals: Nutty
Love Interest(s): Rocky (in I Shade a Flower)
Kill Count: 6
Deaths: 13 (8 from regular episodes)
(3 from smoochies)
(1 from fan version episode)
(1 from TV episodes)
First Appearance: Autopsy Turvy
First Victim: Petunia Jack and Thrill's Adventure
First Death: Autopsy Tuvy

"Buddy" is a main character.

Character Bio

Buddy was first seen in "Autopsy Turvy", revealing she's intrested in dress-up. She likes to help the enviroment.

She is a cat. She has brown and orange stripes on her body. She appears to have braces added to her buckteeth. She also has whiskers. She likes to plant, and has many flowers in her garden. Like most characters, she has a treehouse. Next to is is the graden. She has a cat, with its name unknown.

Buddy's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Autopsy Turvy
  2. Litters of Love
  3. I Shade a Flower
  4. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya
  5. Buddy's Concert Smoochie

Featuring Roles

  1. Jack and Thrill's Adventure
  2. Class Act
  3. Sugar Vs. Meat
  4. Speak of the Daredevil
  5. Old or New (Part 1)
  6. Old or New (Part 2)
  7. You Shop, You Drop
  8. It's Mu-zit To Me


  1. Wild West Side
  2. Need A Bath?
  3. The Big Save
  4. Sickly the Red-Nosed Muskrat
  5. Just My Luck



  1. Autopsy Turvy: Crushed after Flippy's car hits Cro-Marmot, making his ice block slide over and crush Buddy.
  2. Litters of Love: Shredded by Kooka's sugar twister.
  3. Jack and Thrill's Adventure: Dies when a car crashes into her and Kooka.
  4. Class Act: Killed by explosion.
  5. I Shade a Flower: A squirrel claws her foot, falls down and crushes Rocky.
  6. Smoochie 1: Crushed by lights.
  7. Smoochie 2: Sings so loudly into a microphone that her ears burst and she dies of blood loss.
  8. Smoochie 3: Impaled by a guitar string.
  9. Speak of the Daredevil: Crushed and splattered by a giant snowball.
  10. Wild West Side: Killed in a dynamite explosion.
  11. Need A Bath?: Ran over by Flicky's car.
  12. Just My Luck: Ran over by bus.
  13. It's Mu-zit To Me: Burns in a fire.

Number of Kills


  1. She is the second character who likes to help the enviroment. The first was Giggles, as seen in "Every Litter Bit Hurts".
  2. Only character by Clamshot not to have its picture be made from bases (not counting crossover characters).
  3. In Litters of Love, she is heard singing in the credits with meows.


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