Buddy shows us why concerts can be dangerous in this all new smoochie!

Idle Animations

  • Buddy waves at the viewers and says "Hello, how are you doing?"
  • Buddy looks at her braces, and back at the viewers.



A dance floor rolls over to Buddy. Buddy trips over it, and a bunch of spotlights come at her. She gets an idea. She decides dancing while music plays in the background, while a few sparks come out from the lights. Suddenly, the lights fall down and crush Buddy.


A microphone is passed to Buddy. Buddy decides to sing into it. Apparently, her ears burst from the loud noise and she turns it "down". Apparently, she accidentally made it louder, and when she sings, her ears burst crazily and she dies of blood loss.


A guitar is passed to Buddy. Buddy gets a stool, sits down, and plays a slow tune. Buddy's finger gets caught in the strings. She tries pulling it out, but not only does the guitar hit her head and make numerous cuts, but it also rips her finger off. Suddenly, when she goes down to look at it, one of the guitar's strings breaks and impales her.

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