Bug Off (Happy tree friends fan animation)01:11

Bug Off (Happy tree friends fan animation)


The episode starts out with Petunia scrubbing the floor, when suddenly Flaky walks up. Flaky tells Petunia that the floor is clean, though Petunia argues that it is dirty. Flaky walks away, and then a bug crawls onto the scene. Petunia screams and runs away. Petunia picks up some pesticides and begins spraying it at the bug. The bug crawls away and Petunia picks up a tool. Petunia begins to hit at the bug, but the tool hits the light bulb and zaps her. Petunia quickly recovers, picking up a shotgun. She tries to fire, but nothing happens. Petunia looks in the gun, then suddenly it fires, blowing her brains out and splattering blood on the wall. Flaky walks up and turns on the light switch, then the light makes static sounds. Flaky walks up and tries to pull the clamp from the light bulb, but she is zapped.


  1. Petunia shoots her own brains out.
  1. Flaky is shocked to death. (Debatable, as Petunia recovered from it)


Petunia is electrocuted by the light bulb.


  • Flaky is not cowardly in this episode.
  • Petunia or Flaky are the last ones to die in Season 5.
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