Bulky is a scruffy green glyptodon. He is Peppery's cousin and takes pride in the pain of others, as his name, which originated from "bully", would suggest. He is partially a parody on Bulkhead from the Transformers Animated series.

Starring Roles

  1. Nuttin' Wrong With Candy (Fan Version)
  2. Strike!
  3. Best of Brute-ish
  4. Death and Taxis

Featuring Roles

  1. Paintful Love
  2. A Nutty Diet
  3. Steam-Punked
  4. From Bath to Worse
  5. Nerds United
  6. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  7. A Fistful of Porcupine
  8. Disguise-ful
  9. Revenge of the Porcupine
  10. Lucky Pig!
  11. Online Jerk
  12. Call of Pony: Mane Warfare
  13. Murderous Marshgello
  14. Tumbly Trouble
  15. A Hole in Wonder
  16. Cruising for a Bruiser
  17. Joyful Joyceline 
  18. Just Beak-cause

Appearance Roles

  1. Bombs in Town
  2. The Tenacious Ten
  3. The Bully Games
  4. No Quill to Life
  5. Armed and Dangerous
  6. Hit the Ground Running
  7. Keeping Up With the Treads
  8. Nobody...
  9. The Toothinator
  10. The Road to Evil


  1. Bombs in Town: Died when the town exploded.
  2. Strike!: Decapitated by a bowling ball.
  3. Nuttin' Wrong With Candy: His head is cut off by a vending machine rack.
  4. Death and Taxis: Killed in an explosion.
  5. From Bath to Worse: Crushed by Josh's bathtub.
  6. Steam-Punked: Shot to death with a machine gun by 20's Robo Star.
  7. Nerds United: Head cracked open.
  8. The Tenacious Ten - Blown up by inflatable raft.
  9. Disguise-ful: Ran over by a car.
  10. Revenge of the Porcupine - Stabbed by Flaky's quill.
  11. Lucky Pig!: Died in an explosion.
  12. Online Jerk: Crushed by a piano (in a video game).
  13. Call of Pony: Mane Warfare - Shot multiple times.
  14. Murderous Marshgello: Mauled to death by a possessed teddy bear.
  15. A Hole in Wonder: Stabbed to death with a dagger.
  16. Cruising for a Bruiser: Killed by Bruiser's clones.
  17. Joyful Joyceline: Shot to death with a machine gun.
  18. Just Beak-cause - Impaled by Pierce's quills.

​List of Kills

  • Hippy - 1 ("Best of Brute-ish" along with Pierce​)
  • Cuddles - 1 ("Best of Brute-ish")
  • Guddles - 1 ("Best of Brute-ish")
  • Others - (several clones of Bruiser in "Cruising for a Bruiser")

Fan Considered Theme Songs

Scream by Avenged Sevenfold (song is about the pleasure of killing, Bulky enjoys the pain of others)