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The episode begins with Superspeed, and Lumpy finishing the bridge. Superspeed gives Lumpy the signal to open the bridge. When Lumpy starts walking, he gets stuck. Suddenly he is sinking into the bridge. Looking back at Superspeed, he as well is sinking into the bridge. Spook comes, and tries to help, but is too late as Lumpy falls threw the bridge. He smashes into the ground, and then tries to get up. He is soon crushed by a piece of the collasping bridge. Superspeed as well falls threw the bridge and smashes into the ground. When he tries to get up, he is ran over. Guddles is driving on the bridge, thinking its open. His car gets stuck and sudddenly falls threw. His car falls foward and toward Superspeed. Superspeed is stugging to get up and barely gets up, but is soon crushed by the car, with his head still out, where he throws up blood. When he looks behind him, his head is crushed by a cement block. The bridge collaspes onto Giggles, Rose, and Disco Bear, and some generic tree friends who were crossing under on foot. After all this, Mom and Baby are in a car driving threw. Mom sees a car and a brick (Superspeed's location of death) and gets out to move it. Baby, who is giggling and laughing, is suddenly crushed by a piece of rock. Mom gets back in and drives away.


  • Lumpy is crushed by a piece of the bridge.
  • Guddles is killed when he smashes into the ground.
  • Superspeed's head is crushed by a cement block.
  • Giggles, Rose, Disco Bear, and some generic tree friends are killed when the bridge collapses on them.
  • Spook dies when the bridge collapses (debatable).
  • Baby is crushed by a piece of the bridge.


  • It would take a while for Superspeed and Lumpy to sink down the bridge.


  • All of the starring characters die in this episode.

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