Butterfly is a squirrel that is friends with Flaky, Lammy, and Jinx. Her deaths involve falling off, getting stuck, and Jinx.


She is very timid and shy, but is kind and helpful. Unlike her friend Jinx who is very sociable with other characters, she tends to be sociable with animals and pets. She never opens her door to anyone but her friends, but when her friends are in danger she is very tough and tries to save them. She will do anything, even sacrificing her own life to save the life of others.


She has a bushy tail. She also has a butterfly headband which is colored purple with light green dots


When she was a baby she was abandoned by her parents and was raised by her grandmother and grandfather

When she was old enough she went to school, no one talked to her (due to her timid nature) until she met Jinx who was sitting down a tree. The two became best friends. Eventually she met Flaky and Lammy and became friends.

Her first appearance was in Turn Over A New Luck along with Jinx.


  • Hang Out: sliced into pieces by the machine

    Butterfly's house.


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