Campin' is a fanmade Happy Tree Friends episode created by Thehungergamesrocks!


The episode starts with Lumpy, Giggles, Cuddles, Toothy, Sniffles, Flaky, Lammy, Skunky, Mime, Petunia, Handy and Nutty walking in a forest. They soon find a small flat field and start setting up for camp.

Lumpy starts chopping down a tree for firewood. The axe's head breaks off and flies back behind him, hitting Mime in the head and killing him. Lumpy goes and gets another axe. Cuddles starts pitching his tent into the ground with Toothy helping. Petunia starts setting up another tent with Handy, who is frustrated because he has no hands. Giggles, who needs to go to the bathroom, runs behind a tree, but Lumpy comes over to the tree and cuts it down, crushing Giggles. Sniffles and Nutty start playing chess.

Later that night, Lumpy tells a scary story which makes Flaky run away into the forest, he trips over a rock and falls into a valley of steep, sharp rocks, killing him/her. The next morning, Lumpy, who is sick of Skunky's smell, takes him down to the river to make him wash off. Skunky slips over and his head gets bashed on a rock, knocking him unconsious. As Lumpy goes to the tent to have a nap, Skunky soon drowns when he falls into the river.

Meanwhile, the survivng characters go to have a picnic. Lammy is surprised when Mr. Pickles jumps out of her sandwich. Lammy assumes it is a normal pickle and eats it. Handy chews too fast and starts choking on his sandwich, nobody notices it and he chokes to death. Toothy starts tickling Petunia and she trips over and lands in mud. She jumps back up and runs around screaming, then jumps into the lake to get the mud off, but she is eaten by a crocodile. Everyone jumps up and starts screaming and running around, Cuddles trips onto a tree and a coconut falls, cracking his head open. Sniffles trips over and gets trampled to death by everyone else. Lammy, who ate Mr. Pickles, has her heart stabbed by his pocket knife, killing her. Nutty, Toothy and Lumpy start running past the camping site. They run across a road, but a truck swerves and hits Toothy. Toothy's eye rolls out and gets run over by a car.


  • Mime - Impaled by axehead.
  • Giggles - Crushed by a tree.
  • Flaky - Impaled by rocks.
  • Skunky - Drowns.
  • Mr Pickles - Eaten by Lammy.
  • Handy - Chokes to death.
  • Petunia - Eaten by a shark.
  • Cuddles - Skull broken by a coconut.
  • Sniffles - Trampled to death.
  • Lammy - Heart stabbed by Mr. Pickles' pocket knife.
  • Toothy - Hit by a van.
  • Lifty and Shifty - Van explodes while inside.

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