Careful What You Beat! is a fan episode.


Ziggles is inviting all of her friends to her house for a little dinner she is making. She is inviting Ava, Flaky, Flippy, Cuddles, and Nutty. She tries not to invite too many people, or that will form crowds, and Ziggles's evil form will emerge. Finally, everyone comes into her house, and Ziggles brings out the food. Ziggles looks at Flippy and starts blushing, and Ziggles falls by accident, and a plate of the spagetti sauce is all over her. Flippy looks at Ziggles, and gets a flashback of all the died men and children in the war. Flippy's evil form emerges, and everyone else tries to get away. Ziggles gets up, and turns around. Evil Flippy is standing there with a frying pan. Ziggles runs outside, and hides in a mall nextdoor, crowded. Ziggles' evil form emerges. Evil Ziggles starts killing people walking by, and Flippy approaches behind her, and slits the back of her throat with a butcher knife. She screams in pain. Flippy then rips her head right off her body. Next, Flippy looks for Ava, so he looks around the outside of the mall. Ava is finally seen behind a street light. Easily seen, Ava shakes in fear. Flippy throws the butcher knife at the street light and it splits, causing the top of the street light to land on Ava, crushing her. Flippy then looks for Flaky, who is in the closet in Ziggles' room back at the house, where the dinner was supposed to be. Flippy runs back into the house and goes to the closet. Flaky screams in fear and Flippy drags her downstairs. He goes to the sink in the kitchen and stuffs the sink tube down Flaky's throat. He turns on the water, causing Flaky to explode and blood splatters everywhere. Flippy then returns to normal and walks around joyfully eating the rest of Ziggles' dinner.

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