Ziggles and Ava2

Ziggles and her friends go to a nice little carnival, but can they make it out alive?

In this episode, the Happy Tree Friends go to a carnival that Ziggles used to go to as a kid, but little does Ziggles know how different the carnival is now.

Part 1 - Ziggles's House

(Ziggles is cleaning the house while Ava is outside planting flowers)

Ziggles: (puts a flower pot next to sink) That'll do.

Ava: (pounding a garden knife on the ground, making sure the flower is in the ground)

Ziggles: (walks outside her door) Ava, do you know what time it is?

Ava: Um, I think it's around 11 o'clock. Why?

Ziggles: Oh my gosh! Today is the day that the carnival would usually open up. I used to go there when I was a kid. I have an idea!

Ava: Oh, no. Ziggles has an idea.

Ziggles: I'm going to invite all of my friends to the carnival.

Ava: Ooooh!! A carnival! I've never actually been to a carnival before.

Ziggles: Awwww... why n----

Ava: I ripped out the ticket salesman's heart in public. So, they kicked me out.

Ziggles: That sounds splendid.

Ava: Alright.(gets up, wipes the dirt off of her gardening clothes and goes inside of Ziggles' House)

Part 2 - Picking Them Up

(Ziggles calls her friends on her home phone, and Ava gets the rest of Heart Soup in the fridge)

Ziggles: (on phone) Yes.... Um, no.... Oh my gosh, that is awesome.... I'll pick you up....This is gonna be so much fun! (hangs up)

Ava: Who was that?

Ziggles: That was Petunia. She says she can go.

Ava: Yay! So who is coming?

Ziggles: Well, lets see. (reads wickedly long paper) The people that are coming are Russell, Petunia, Flippy, Giggles, Sniffles, and (growls) Flaky.

Ava: Um, okay. Well...

Ziggles: I guess we can just go pick Flippy up. After all, I live, like, right next to him.

Ava: Alright.

Ziggles: (walks outside and gets inside her truck) Come on, Ava!

Ava: I'm coming! I'm coming! (gets in)

Ziggles: Wait. Are there lots of p-----

Zigz (Ziggles' evil form): (talking through her head) (stops Ziggles from talking) KEEP DRIVING! DON'T EVEN ASK!

Ziggles: I hate you.

Ava: What?

Ziggles: Oh, crud! I didn't say that to you, Ava. My evil form.

Ava: Oh.

Ziggles: (drives up to Flippy's house)

Flippy: (waves at Ziggles and Ava from his house door)

Ziggles: Well, whatcha waiting for?!

Flippy: Christmas!

Ziggles: Lolz! Get in the truck!

Flippy: (gets in) Hi!

Ava: Hi, Flippy!

Ziggles: (starts to blush because of Zigz) ZIGZ!


Ziggles: Grrrr.

Flippy: Mad much?

Ziggles: Oh, no, I'm not. My stupid evil form. Hey, look! Petunia's house! (stops at Petunia's house)

Petunia: Hi!!! (gets in) So, what is this carnival called?

Ziggles: I don't remember. It was a long time ago.

Petunia: Oh. "I don't remember" carnival. That's a strange name for a carnival.

Ziggles: .....Hey, look! Russell's place! (drives up to Russell's house)

Russell: Ey, well, look who came! Me friends!

Ziggles: Get in here, Russell.

Russell: Aye, aye, captain. (enters truck)

ZIggles: (continues driving and sees Flaky's house) Grrrr.

Ava: Um, Ziggles. You can stop driving now.

Ziggles: (holds on to the wheel, but then lets go)

Russell: Argh.Ye arch enemy, eh?

Ziggles: Don't remind me.

Ava: I'll go get Flaky (leaves truck)

Ziggles: (gets a paper and starts nailing it with her evil form's claws)

Petunia: You don't like Flaky, do you?

Ziggles: DON'T speak of it.

Petunia: (surprised)

Ava: (comes out of Flaky's house with Flaky)

Flaky: (gets in the truck happily, but then weeps in freight when she sees Flippy is in the truck also) F...F...Flippy is coming w...with us?

Ava: Yeah. You thought Ziggles would go anywhere without having Flippy invited?

Flaky: (nervously sits down in a seat)

Ziggles: Grrr. (continues driving and then fades away into the distance)

Part 3 - Carnival

(Ziggles has picked up everyone invited, and is closer to the carnival than she thought)

Ziggles: We're getting real close.

Flippy: (is asleep, drooling all over the door handle)

Ziggles: Flippy? Flippy!? FLIPPY!


Everyone: (awkward silence)

Ava: Looks like we're here!!

Ziggles: (looks at the carnival and huge amounts of people are everywhere) Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Guys, I have to stay in here.

Flippy: Awww... but why?

Ziggles: The

Russell: (digs his hook into Ziggles' arm, causing her to forcingly get out)

Ziggles: (screams in pain)

Russell: Argh. Don't be shy.


Russell: (drags Ziggles into the carnival)

Ziggles: Wait. (looks at Flaky and smiles evilly)

Part 4 - Dawn until Dusk

(Ziggles has an evil form that emerges every time she encounters crowds. What is so happy that makes Ziggles Smile???)

Ziggles: (blocks eyes so she can't see crowds) Don't look.... Just don't look...


Flippy: Um, Ava. That's whack a mole.

Ava: Dammit.

Lumpy: (in charge of the Whack-a-Mole kiosk) Whack a mole and get a free prize! (repeats his saying)

Ava: Oooooh! Ooooh! I wanna whack a heart!

Lumpy: Wha?

Flippy: She wants to whack a mole.

Lumpy: Oh.

Ava: Yay! (starts game)

Lumpy: On your mark. Get set. WHACK!

Ava: THOSE HEARTS ARE MINE! (whacks a mole so hard, it breaks) Aw, man!

Lumpy: "Aw, man" is right. Just go to that other lane.

Ava: OKAY!

Ziggles: (continues blocking her eyes, holding Russell's hook)

Russell: Aye! Whack-a-Mole!

Ziggles: Huh? (unblocks eyes) Oh my God.... crowds (looks everywhere) .....Everywhere... must.... be.... calm..... Must.... KILL YOU ALL!

Russell: Huh?

Ziggles: (sharp teeth are shown) (grabs Russell's hook hand with both hands and forces his hand to go in his eye, destroying it and blood is shown)

Russel: AHHHHHH!

Ziggles: (screams evilly)

Flippy: Oh, no... (Flips out,but turns back to normal)ZIGGLES!!STOP!!!


Lumpy: (looks at Ziggles) Oh, goodness, no! (runs off also)

Ava: (whacks the last mole and looks up) Hey, where did you go? (huge bear shadow is shown covering Ava and Ava turns around to see Ziggles) AHHHHH!

Ziggles: (grabs the Whack-a-Mole mallet and whacks Ava in the face so hard her head gets knocked off, then laughs evilly and sees Lumpy)

Lumpy: Oh, shoot.

Ziggles: (grabs a mole, uses the tail as a dart, and throws it at Lumpy, hitting his face, interfering with his brain, killing him)

Flippy:(fights Zigz)


Ziggles:(turns back to normal)Huh?

Flaky:Flippy!Thank goodness your OK!(hugs Flippy)

Ziggles:(is about to thank Flaky for stopping her killing spree but Zigz yells at her)


Ziggles:(sighs and goes along with Zigz)Whoa. Wait! Is Flaky dead!? Is she? Is she? Is she!?

Flaky and Flippy: (confused)(stares at Ziggles like she's crazy)

Ziggles:(laughs nervously)What?(runs away)


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