Choke Cub
Why a baby shouldn't eat a chicken leg.
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 13
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
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"Cars and People Don't Mix" is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends. It is the thirteenth episode of Season One.


The story begins with Superspeed waking up. He walks outside and waves to Peppery, who is also walking outside. Superspeed takes a deep breath, only to suck up a fly. He chokes, and knocks him and Peppery into the road. Pop and Cub are on a trip to the mall where they hit Superspeed and Peppery.

They both are caught on the bottom. Cub is eating some chicken when he chokes on it. Pop tries to help him. Since Pop isn't paying attention, Cuddles is ran over, where his body is destroyed. Pop crashes into Lumpy's house.

The impact knocks Superspeed and Peppery off the bottom. Lumpy was watching TV when this happened. He starts yelling but Peppery shuts his mouth. The TV falls over and kills both of them. Pop gives Cub a kite to fly. Cub ties a block to it and it flies high. The block breaks off and crushes Superspeed. Cub is unaware of this.


  • Cuddles is ran over by Pop.
  • Lumpy and Peppery are crushed by a TV.
  • Superspeed is crushed by a block.


  • This is Pop's first appearance in the fan episodes.
  • Superspeed causes Peppery's and Lumpy's death because he choked on a fly.
  • Cub gets his 2nd kill, who is Superspeed.
  • Cub is sitting in the front seat, which he's not supposed to.
  • Pop kills everyone except Superspeed.
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