Checkers is an HTFF Character.

Character Bio

Checkers is a light brown colored anteater who wears a green cap at all times. She is a rather smart characters, but only when it comes to certain things. The things she is smart about is nature, chemistry, and of course as her name states, checkers and chess.

Despite being an anteater, Checkers is actually terrified of bugs, including ants, and thus doesn't try to eat them. This causes trouble however as for some reason, she is also unable to eat normal food and can only eat bugs, meaning she will tend to starve herself as long as she can before resorting to eating bugs.

Most of Checker's death involve her entire body.






  1. Lighten up a bit: Impaled on a stick
  2. Reel Deal: Strangled by Perry
  3. Clause and Effect: crushed by tree
  4. As You Dish: Cut to ribbons by Glass
  5. Scream Girls: Killed by Mr Pickles
  6. Who Mind Is It Anyways: killed in a explosion
  7. Ladder, Rinse, Repeat: Hit by a flying paint can along with Chuck.
  8. Tilt a Hurl: Cut open by glass shards along with Jacky.