It is a fanon episode. This is the 24th episode of the Season 58 overall. It's also not the season finale. Not Yet.

The return of the favorite park with the word "Cheese" is finally here!





Cheesy wins lifetime free access to Cheese-City and Nutty goes with him too but this fun trip is about to turn to melter and badder!


Cheesy gets the mail that he is the winner of the Cheese-City sweepstakes and wins another key to Cheese-City. So, when Nutty heard about it and he goes with him too. While walking, they both falls in front of a gate of a park named "Cheese-City". Cheesy is now seen just outside the gate to open the park with his key. They both go in and to Cheesy's surprise was a lotta of cheese! And there was Cardboard and Thirsty here. Thristy is taking a drink of cheesy juice. Cheesy wants to have Cheesy juice but Thirsty thinks it's Thirsty's drink so Cheesy and Thirsty fight for the drink until it comes apart and the cheese juice flings right to Cardboard. The sun rays the cheesy juice making Cheesy, Cardboard, and Thristy's faces and mouths melt. Nutty screams and wants to get out of here. But he bumps intro Tarsy. Next scene, a cheese bush is seen. Tarsy says EXCUSE ME, FUCKER!. But Nutty jumps on Tarsy's head and tries to get out of the Gate. But it was locked and Nutty saw the key in a cheesy tree. Nutty tries to hurry and he got it! But Nutty was turned into cheese done by Tarsy's Cheese-Ray 3000 and Nutty's face and mouth melt to death. Before the episode ends, Tarsy laughs evily as the closing iris is finished.


If you cut the cheese, there would be a spilt.


  • Rigg is seen hiding the cheese bush.
  • This episode includes one swear word.
  • Rigg and Tarsy are the ones who survived.
  • Cheese-City makes a second appearance in this episode, it makes the first appearance in Cheese-City.


  • Cheesy, Cardboard, and Thirsty's faces and mouths are melted.
  • Nutty's face and mouth is melted done by Tarsy's Cheese-Ray 3000.

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