Cheese and king

Genderswapping a fan duo? Seems likely...

Cheese and King are characters made by MagicMasterBilly, and given to Yellow Spider Kitty.



Cheese is the gender swap of Cream. She is green, with a brown bun, electronic eyes, pink shirt, black pants, and often holds pies... She loves fashion, furbys, and ROBLOX... She plays a piano...


King is the gender swap of Queen. With flat hair, a toothpaste-colored leg, and a shirt with Woofbot on it, he will try to avoid Ancient Noobs. He plays drums really great...




  • Cream and Cheese's relationship puns the spread, Cream Cheese.
  • King and Queen's relationship mentions royalty, which was a form of ruling in Medieval Times.
  • As of Season 84, Cheese and King are made cousins of Cream and Queen, rather than just gender swaps.

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