Chilli Cheese Chonga is a fanon HTF Break.
Cheese tower

The Leaning Tower of Cheesa.





Part 1

At a fiesta, Cheesy arrives at a table with large assortments of food. He looks around and spies a chimichanga filled with melted cheese. He eats his meal whole, only for the spicy food to burn his mouth. Cheesy anxiously tries to find something to cool off, making a mess of the table in the process. He finally spots a bottle of what appears to be water and drinks it. Unfortunately, this was a bottle of spicy vinegar. Cheesy's head becomes so hot it explodes.

Part 2

Cheesy stacks large amounts of cheese wheels and tries to carry them. However, the unbalanced tower of cheese keeps falling, so Cheesy thinks of a solution. He tapes the cheese all over his body and walks off. The sun's heat soon begins to melt the cheese. Cheesy ends up being burnt to death by the melting cheese. The Mole dips a tortilla chip in the cheese and takes a bite.


  1. Cheesy's head explodes.
  2. Cheesy is burnt to death by hot melting cheese.


  • "HTF Break" is written on the tortilla chip at the end of Part 2.
  • This Break may be a director's cut or sequel to the episode Fiesta Fiasco, as Cheesy was briefly shown at a table eating cheese. Coincidentally, The Mole appears in both.
  • Only The Mole's arm is seen.
  • Cheesy's death in Part 2 is similar to Shifty's death in Sea What I Found.

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