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Sweet Ride (Fan Version)

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Sweet Ride (Fan Version)

Chips is a fan character.

Character Bio

Chips is a green squirrel with a craving obsession for chips. He always carries a bag of chips with him in most of his episodes. Sometimes he brings all kinds of chips, too. Chips is best friends with Nutty, but sometimes fights over which snack is better, chips or candy. Most of his deaths involve getting eaten, or having his arms ripped off. It is also revealed in "A Trip to the Flea Market" that Chips is allergic to onions, as he accidentally took a bag of onion rings on the way out of his house. As a result of his allergic reaction, he will twitch his tail rapidly, and sneeze rapidly also. This also happens with fries, as when he accidentally mistook fries as chips. Chips lives in an old abandoned tractor trailer covered in webs, only because he is never in his house. He mostly goes outside to find more chips.


  • Chips is a parody of a crazy mysterious username on, Chips29.
  • Chips is the only character with the same exact number of kills and deaths (debatable because Cro-Marmot has the same exact number of kills and deaths, but some deaths are debatable).
  • Chips is allergic to more than one thing.
  • He has alot of similarities to Nutty, obviously noticed.
  1. He is a squirrel.
  2. He has a lazy eye.
  3. He is addicted to a certain food.
  • Either he, Cheesy, or Candy are used in place of Nutty in fan version episodes. Coincidentally, all three of these characters' names start with C.

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