Class is in Section
Another boring day at school
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 18
Starring Roles
Beth S. Alt
Robo Star
Featuring Roles
Ragna the Bloodedge
Al Capone
Previous Episode A Close Shave
Next Episode Anybody Want Some Ale?


The episode starts here! We see some of our students boarding the bus, as Britton and Beth exchange the following conversation.

Britton: So, you know any of the teachers in the school?

Beth: Actually, I don't think there are any teachers. I heard that the students who are skilled in a subject should be the teacher of that subject. I'm skilled in health, so I'll be health class teacher.

Britton: Please don't give off any of that "Flat chests are good stataus symbols" bullcrap in class.

Beth: ...I'm 9 years older than you. Just what are you so good at?

Britton: Science. *Cute, innocent look* Did you know? A hippo's sweat is pink.

Beth: Oh my god... I wish you never told me that.

Meanwhile, Trippy and Robo Star are staring out the window, trying to find the school.

Trippy: Tree Wood Elm... Tree Wood Elm... THERE!

Britton is not amused to be at school.

Britton: Now let me see if information will sink into your minds.

Robo Star: *muffled* I just hope there isn't a gym.

Beth: There will be, I think it's a law to have a gym in school.

Trippy: C'mon, let's go! We're gonna be late if we don't get a move on! *While raising his arms in the air, he accidentaly knocks Sarah off the cliff the schools next to. We then hear a belch.* Hey, there are hippos down there!

Beth: You know you just killed Sarah?

Trippy: Really? I did?

Beth: *facepalm* You're such an idiot.

Trippy: I know you are, but what am I?

Ragna: *off-screen* GET OVER HERE!


Inside the school, the place seems tidied up. Al Capone walks out and gives instructions.

Al: OK, rule #1 of school.

Rex: Do not talk about school?

Al: Quiet. Rule #1 is NO electronics unless it's free time.

Britton: Wait, who made YOU the principal?

Al: Shut the f- *a light falls on him an Al is crushed to death*


Later, a medic still hasn't arrived.

Britton: Eh, pardon my language, but he was an @**hole anyway.

Beth: OK, so let's tidy up and get to work.

History Class, Rex is the teacher.

Rex: *Talking about Ludwig van Beethoven's history.*

Trippy: *Texting to Beth*

Text to Beth: How boring do you think this guy is?

Beth: *Texting to Trippy*

Text to Trippy: So ducking boring.

Beth: Sorry, that's my auto censor.

(To be continued)

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