Clause and Effect is a fanon HTF episode.

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


Checkers is holding a Chrismas party with Buck and Chuck, Britton, Beth, Flaky, Mime, Trippy, Giggles, Lammy and Nutty. Everyone is holding a present Checkers then tell everyone to open their gifts. Checkers gets a glass checker set, Buck and Chuck get a new hat and rubber ball, Britton gets a jack in the box, Beth gets a mini chalk board, Flaky gets a nightlight, Mime a new unicycle, Trippy gets a scooter, Giggles getsa doll, Lammy gets a new bow and Nutty gets a candy apple which hebiteon but he is unable to get it out Lammy tries help him but she tears out his jaw and goesflyingback landing on top of Brittons jack in the box which open and pops though her chest and into Brittons face killing them. Nutty runs in pain and slips on Chucks ball falling backwards and launching the ball into Chucks faceknocking him back where he then falls down the basement steps. Mime and Trippy who are riding there presents freak and crash, Mime crashes into the tree and the branches impale him while Trippy runs over Beths foot then hits the upstairs steps slicing him to peaces Beth then falls onto Checkers Chess set slicing her face upkilling her. Flaky freaks and stumbles back into Giggles killing her. Flaky thenfreaks and falls into thebasment just a Chuck was getting up killing them both. Buck runs for the door but slips on blood and slides into the fireplace killing him. The tree then falls onto Checkers.


"It isn't getting that's best, it's giving."


  1. Nutty bleeds to death.
  2. Lammy has a hole put in her chest.
  3. Britton is stabbed by the jack in the box.
  4. Chuck is crushed by Flaky.
  5. Mime is impaled on the tree.
  6. Trippy is sliced to pieces.
  7. Beth has her face sliced open.
  8. Giggles is impaled on Flaky's quills.
  9. Flaky falls into the basement.
  10. Buck is burned in the fire.
  11. Checkers is crushed by the tree.

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