Name: Clicky
Gender: Male
Animal: Bat
Color: Purple and Grey
Relatives: Unknown
Episode Count: 5
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 0
Kill Count: 14
Deaths: 4 Broken Drept Blast
First Appearance: Broken Drept Blast
First Victim: Lumpy Broken Drept Blast
First Death: Broken Drept Blast

Clicky is a purple and grey bat with black and white arm bands, huge ears, a black scar on his left eye, and flaps for wings under his arms.

Character Bio

Clicky is a purple and grey bat that has problems of understanding others. His problem is simiar to Lumpy. He is best friends with Nutty, as they are always craving candy machines together in Happy Tree Town. Most of his deaths are either by being skinned or being shred to pieces.Clicky is also friends with Ziggles and Ava, as he let them live with him until their house was rebuilt in the episode Broken Drempt Blast.

Drawn Clicky the Bat

The first original drawing of Clicky the bat.

Clicky is an odd bat, having wing flaps under his arms instead of regular bat wings. Clicky lives in a cave next to Ziggles' Mom's house. He also struggles to fly, not knowing how to fly. When he does fly, he often falls, and lands into something that either kills him or injures him. Clicky is one of the few characters to being mentally-handicapped, the other being Lumpy.


  • Clicky's first idea was from a piece of paper the creator drew him on.
  • Clicky has bigger eyes than most Happy Tree Friends.

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