Cloudy new
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Clouds
Species: Squirrel
Color: Teal
Relatives: none
Age: ???
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Giggles, Petunia, Jumpers
Enemies/Rivals: Ray (sometimes)
Love Interest(s): Ray
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 16 (11 from regular episodes)
(2 from HTF Break)
(1 from Kringle)
(1 from Love Bites)
(1 Additional)
First Appearance: Don't cloud around people
First Victim: Don't cloud around people handy
First Death: Don't cloud around people

Cloudy is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Cloudy is a light blue squirrel with a cloud-shaped patch of fur on the top of her tail, hence her name. She is typically a calm and relaxed character.

She loves anything that has to do with clouds or toys. Her favourite activities are watching clouds and playing in the park. Most of her deaths involve being impaled, burned, or her head.

Because of her many deaths, she only survives in I don't have any spare time, You're Gonna Pay, Yellow Fellows,Out of Flight, Out of Mind, Greenhouse Rock and Scream and Queen .


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Don't cloud around people - Her head gets split in half.
  2. Jump For Joy - Is burned to death.
  3. What's in a Name? - Burned to death.
  4. Let's Bounce - Dies in an explosion.
  5. Slice Kringle - Sliced to pieces.
  6. Get Wheel,Dude - Run over and over again by a car wheel.
  7. I Pet You Can Do This! Part 2 - Attacked by dogs.
  8. Fates Around The World - Eaten by the loch ness monster
  9. Fair Weather Fools - Disintegrated by the sun.
  10. Broken Art-ed - Falls off cliff.
  11. Matter of Opinion - Crushed by a vase
  12. Monkeying Around - Crushed by Bongo.
  13. By The Rains - Either electrocuted by lightning or ran over by the bust head.
  14. Twist and Shout - Suffocated by Licky's tongue.
  15. Project Girly - Impaled on Flaky's quills.
  16. The Frog Prince...Guy - Mauled by I.D. 
  17. Surevival Catashrophe - Shot in head by 20's Robo Star
  18. July 4th Party Blowout - Dies when Bomby explodes.
  19. SunFall - Has her eyes melted.
  20. Did You Miss Me? - Arrow flies through her.
  21. Going Batty - Head is chopped off.
  22. New Leif - Pierced in the head by a coin.
  23. Can't Stop the Heating - Sliced by jewels.




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