Conker the World is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • The Tediz
  • Rodent
  • Conker



Superspeed walks out from his house only to suddenly walk into a war. Thinking they are shooting at each other with BB's, he tries to join. Later on, the Tediz capture him. Superspeed begins to ask the Tediz about the 'game'. The Tediz begin to laugh at him and throw him as a shooting target. He lands next to Rodent. The Tediz hold up their guns and locked their guns on Superspeed and Rodent. Luckily, Conker busts in and kills all the Tediz and saves the two. Conker does not recognize Superspeed, but helps him anyway. Then they go back, having to stand ehind Rodent for protection. Later on, they finally make it through. However, while Conker is shooting the Tediz, he accidentally shoots Superspeed with a sniper, which blows off a big chunk off his head, which kills him. Conker and Rodent later escape. As they escape, two bodies float from the water, Trippy's and Robo Star's. When entering the water, you learn that their house is deep underwater.


  • The Tediz are killed by Conker.
  • A large piece of Superspeed's head is blown off by Conker.
  • Trippy and Robo Star are drowned when their houses were flooded.

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