Cookie the Orange Flying Squrriel

Cookie is an orange flying squirrel made for a friend of the creator.

Character Bio

Cookie, the orange flying squirrel obviously loves cookies and is a fan and friend of Splendid. Cookie has a secret second life that he does not want anyone knowing. Cookie sometimes does not like his life at the point when something bad happens to him, which can cause him to kill himself. He did that only twice. Cookie is a bit of a "nut-case" as well. Cookies claims he can communicate with cookies (explaining his name). Cookie also has a huge phobia of needles, and screams when he sees anything that looks like a needle.



  1. Havinaball


  1. Secret Secrete


  1. TBA

Number of Kills

  • TBA


  1. Havinaball: Crushed by Applejack, who is in a gurney.



Splendidn't, Cookie's other life.

Name: Splendidn't

Gender: Male

Animal: Sugar glider

Color: Dark leaf orange


  • It is still debatable and uncertain whether Cookie will have a crush on Ziggles or not.
  • There is a rejected HTF character who is also named Cookie (as shown in the commentary section of First Blood DVD). Cookie, in that commentary, is a sloth who works as a chef.

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