Crafty gets ready for a fashion show. Things will turn ugly when she tries to look beautiful.

Idle animations

  • Crafty looks at herself in a mirror.
  • Crafty poses for the viewer(s).

Smoochie options


Crafty pulls a comb off her hair, releasing long strands of hair flowing from her head as she waves it around. Her hair gets tangled and she pulls out a hairbrush to comb it. She starts combing, but it gets stuck. She tries to pull, and ends up ripping off the top part of her head, revealing her brain. Crafty stumbles and falls dead.


At least she doesn't have to worry about messy hair anymore.


Crafty sees a fancy jewel-encrusted dress. She puts it on and makes a few poses. She then does a cat walk, but falls over. The jewels shatter and impale her face, and her feet as she stumbles back. She eventually dies from blood loss.


Glamorous...and deadly!


A feathery scarf with a swan head appears on screen. Crafty puts it on and poses while wearing it. However, it is revealed that it is an actual swan, which comes to life and starts attacking and killing Crafty. It eats her whole and then burps.


Some dumb hunter forgot to KILL that scarf!

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