Creepy crawlie

Creepy and Crawly are fanon characters of HTF.

Character Bio

Creepy is a brown-&-orange cockroach, while Crawly is a brown-&-green cockroach. The pair usually reside in the kitchens of other characters, willing to steal their food for themselves. However, their food addiction may lead them to fight over their takings. Pudgy seems to be their biggest nemesis due to his food and insect craving. 

Being cockroaches, they can survive a wide variety of factors such as being stepped on, crushed, decapitated, and even explosions. Although they may have few deaths, they get injured quite frequently, often surviving these injuries, sometimes making their punishments all the more slow and painful.





Happy Insect Friends Roles



  1. Pest Control - Creepy is eaten by a rat.
  2. Direct Approach - Creepy and Crawly are impaled by pickaxes.
  3. Killed Cheese - Crawly is grilled to mush and then swatted.
  4. Outback Style - Both Creepy and Crawly are eaten by Fatty.
  5. Dust Off - Creepy is eaten by a bird.
  6. Weevil Rock You - Creepy is sliced in half by a window, while Crawly is impaled by a cactus.
  7. Butterfly, Flutterby - Both are crushed, then impaled, by a branch.
  8. Shrike Three: You're Dead - Impaled to death by Shrikes (offscreen).
  9. Leaf it Be: Swatted offscreen (debatable).
  10. Roach House: Crawly is shredded to death by a toy monster truck's wheel, while Creepy splatters when he is thrown off the desk.
  11. Rise of the Mut-Ants - Melted by acid.


  1. Creepy Crawlies - Squashed by fish fillet.
  2. Infest or Ingest - Crushed, splattered, and stabbed.
  3. House Kringle - Crawly is bitten in half.
  4. Killed Cheese - Creepy gets covered in hot cheese.
  5. Honey Bugs - Stung by Buzzles and sat on by Honeybear.
  6. Dust Off - Both are stuck to fly paper and Crawly is crushed.
  7. Butterfly, Flutterby - Crushed by the branch.
  8. Roach House - Crawly's left arms are cut off, while Creepy has some of his blood sucked out.
  9. Mano e Mantis - Decapitated by Crunchy (offscreen).
  10. Insect-tral Roots - Stepped on by Oddity.
  11. Heads Up - Decapitated (offscreen).

Kill count

  • Pesty - 1 ("Stingy-Majig")


  • They are the first cockroaches in HTF form.
  • They are based off the roaches from Oggy and the Cockroaches.
  • The two share a snicker similar to Lifty and Shifty's, but much higher-pitched.
  • A recurring gag in Happy Insect Friends involves them laughing at Squag the mutated roach.

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