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Cro marmot

Cro-Marmot is a main character in Happy Tree Friends. He is from the prehistoric Cro-Magnon tribe of the old stone age and is frozen in a block of ice. he somehow managed to get a job at NAZUH.

Character Bio

Cro-Marmot does not speak, and has very little distinguishable traits. Most of the time when he kills another character, it involves crushing others with his ice block. Cro-Marmot is friends with nearly every character, and is rarely ever seen alone.

Because he is constantly encased in an ice block, it is difficult to distinguish his personality. He seems to enjoy ice cream, and has an occupation of selling it. Cro-Marmot may be unable to produce sound, as he cried and moved his mouth as if screaming, but nothing was heard in Blocking You Out.


Starring Roles:

  1. Ooga Booga!
  2. Blocking You Out

Featuring Roles:

  1. Shake your Hips
  2. Autopsy Turvy (Fan Version)
  3. Shake your Hips
  4. Remains of the Flippy
  5. Air Con-temptible

Appearance Roles:

  1. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  2. Nutcracker, Nut-listener
  3. Ice Creamy Badness


  • Along with The Mole, he is the only character never to make audible noises.
  • He has only had two gory deaths to date.
  • All of Cro-Marmot's deaths have been caused by other characters doing something to his ice block, except for one in the episode Blocking You Out.

Kill Count



Seen on TV and computer:

  1. Flippy stabs his stomach, filling his ice block with blood and guts (Remains of the Flippy)
  2. Hippy smashes his ice block, shattering Cro-Marmot himself (Shake your Hips)
  3. Cro-Marmot goes through a series of misfortune; first his ice block breaks when a fridge shatters it, then he is crushed by the fridge and drags his intestines in attempt to escape, and finally a can of soup lands on him and makes him burst.


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