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Dag and Norb
In case you didn't watch the show, Dag is the one on the left.

Dagget and Norbert Beaver are two beaver brothers and the main protagonists of the Nickelodeon series The Angry Beavers.


Daggett (usually nicknamed as "Dag" and "Daggy") is the younger brother of Norbert (by four minutes). Hyperactive and immature, Daggett has a habit of over-emphasized and manic motions as well as a potent penchant for name-calling. He shares with his brother a typical brotherly love-hate relationship, supporting and antagonizing his elder sibling as his mood requires. While he is occasionally capable of intellectual competence, he is generally overshadowed by his brother when faced with challenges that require mental capacity. He is, however, a very hard worker and is quite skilled at construction.

Norbert (usually nicknamed as "Norb" and "Norby") is Daggett's laid-back older brother. Generally well-spoken and intelligent, Norbert is a highly sarcastic beaver with a habit of performing great feats of impeccable engineering with aplomb and without explanation. While he is frequently manipulative of his younger brother and just as often condescending he shows great concern and love for Daggett, constantly soliciting and imposing hugs on the less receptive sibling.

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