Daphne is a fan character.


Daphne is brown mouse-deer who worked as an actress, she is very popular and some people recognize her meanwhile others don't. She seems a nice and kind-hearted person on people's eyes, while in her friends' eyes, however, she's a hot-tempered and spoiled. She acts so rude and nasty in front of her friends, especially Mix. Daphne is also Mix's former girlfriend, she's very rude and acting cold on him, however, she actually cares and likes about him but she kept hide it inside of her.

Since she friends with Morton and Mix, Daphne is also prankster but stopped due her mother dislike her seeing her very unladylike. She hates her mother's orders yet she still follows it, Daphne cares about her mother but don't really likes her orders. Daphne also cares about her younger brother, Salvia, she'll protect him and prevent him from learning bad things as best she can. She really loves her brother, if her brother killed or died, Daphne will be mourned and cried.

Daphne is somewhat a good friend toward Morton, Mix and Emmy, she sometimes insult them by calling them with few nicknames (eg "fatty" for Morton). She has an average relationship with Mix, despite she has broke up with him. Daphne very likes doing extreme things, such as surfing, hiking mountains, skydiving and etc. She can only does these things if her mother allow her. Her extreme hobbies can lead anyone to death even herself.

Her deaths involved her head, being crushed, smashed, and burned.


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Personality and traits

In every people's eyes, Daphne is a sweet, nice, kind-hearted and goody-two-shoes character. But in her friends' eyes, she's actually a rude, hot-tempered, nasty and sour character. She likes acting cold and rude in front of her friends, but actually cares about them. She very likes doing extreme things and insulting her friends by calling them with few nicknames. Her mother don't allows Daphne to do some extreme things because of some reasons. Daphne is somewhat a tsundere type character toward her friends, as she acts really cold and rude but cares at same time.

Psychical appearance

Daphne has loose curly blonde hair, green eyes, mouse-deer legs, and freckles on her cheeks. She wears an azure blue butterfly necklace and a purple bow, with the butterfly necklace actually being a gift from Mix before they broke up. She still has hands like a typical tree friend, however she doesn't have boot-shaped feet as she has hooves instead.

As for 9th October 2017, she now wears a purple sweater.


Starring roles

Featuring roles



  1. Stay Negative, Daphne - Crushed by space sattelite.
  2. This is It - Impaled by numerous bones and head cracked by Coconut's skull.
  3. Fire to The Pain - Face smashed by the fire extinguisher.
  4. Mixing the Doe - Flattened by donut sign.
  5. One Scoob of Ice Cream - Killed by bomb.
  6. Our Hiro - Crushed by the ferris wheel
  7. Home Sour Home! - Squeezed by a rope.
  8. Winning Over Your Direction - Smashed by pieces of a wall.
  9. A Paws-Less Princess - Has her head cracked.
  10. Bad Luck's Path - Burnt to death
  11. Go To Water Way - Ran over by a truck.
  12. Twice the Nice - Killed by ornament shards.
  13. Hop Sweet Home - Head impaled by broken fence pieces.
  14. No Hard Felines - Crushed by a shelf.
  15. Be a Doll - Ripped in half.
  16. Fetch a Quail of Water - Burns to death.

Kill count

  • Emmy - 1 ("Fetch a Quail of Water")
  • Morton - 1 ("Pie Fishing")


  • She has trypophobia and arachnophobia.
  • Unlike other female characters, she only has one thick eyelash on each of her eyes instead of two or three.
  • She comes from Happy Go Lucky City and speaks Thai.
  • She was originally going to be a fawn and named "Valencia". However, she was changed into a mouse-deer and named "Daphne" instead because of the creator being interested in mouse-deer.
  • She is half-Thai and half-Swedish.
  • According to her creator, Daphne isn't very smart at few school subjects, mostly mathematics.
    • Because she isn't smart, the creator calls her "Dumphne" which ended up become a joke as well insult name for her.


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