Dark Hour

Dark Hour

Dark Hour is a black fox cursed as a little child. He was cursed to have a twisted mutation that would make him walk around every night and kill people in their sleep. Dark Hour never knew of this until he found out himself looking in the mirror with The Evil Dark Hour standing there. Ever since discovery, Dark Hour has been a Gothic killer, hiding. Dark Hour probably has the most evil chilling story in Happy Tree Ville. Dark Hour is a great story teller and poet, as shown in the picture on the right.

Image Quote (right upper side of screen picture)

"The evil inside my veins take over every night, destroying people's lives every moment. The feeling to kill has begun, in the darkest hour..." -Dark Hour, episode Dawn until Dusk

Avenged Sevenfold Dedication

The entire reason Dark Hour was made is a dedication to metal band Avenged Sevenfold. The creator of Dark Hour got the idea of naming him Dark Hour because in their newest song, Not Ready to Die, has the words "To leave you in your darkest hour", then that was when Dark Hour was born. The creator loves Avenged Sevenfold and the band made her life complete, and so she is sharing her entire feelings for them.

Evil Death Eye Form

Evil Eye Dark Hour

Dark Hour Sleeping while the evil eye controls the rest of Dark Hour.

Dark Hour's Evil Eye form emerges every night from Dark Hour's slumber. But before he was even cursed to be part of Dark Hour, he was a sergeant from the army named Sparx, and was a warrior with artillery. Later on, He died in his sleep. Now, he was called and entered Dark Hour, and kills every soul he sees every night while Dark Hour sleeps.


  • Dark Hour's story is identical to Ziggles for a few reasons
  1. They both have a type of evil form.
  2. Both their types of evil forms like to kill people.
  3. Both their evil forms cause Ziggles and Dark Hour misery and woe in their lives.

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