Starring Roles


  • Spook
  • Rose
  • Huggles
  • Lumpy
  • Cub
  • Cuddles
  • Giggles
  • Pop


Superspeed walks into the park where he finds Spook and Rose. Rose decides to go look for the other equipment down a cliff. Spook is invited to seesaw with Huggles. Spook runs and jumps onto the seesaw, making it flip and flinging Huggles into the air. Spook falls with the seesaw and is crushed. Lumpy is shredding random items when he is shoved into the woodchopper by Huggles and shredded onto a tree, with their blood and stuff mixed together. Superspeed stares at the shock of his friend's deaths. Somewhere not far away is Cuddles sitting in a two part vary, Giggles being in the second one. Cub is holding onto the cart as Cuddles installs the wheel. Pop comes and asks what going on. Since they both didn't answer, Pop told Cub to come on. So Cub let's go, causing the two to start moving. Later, they are speeding and run over and kill Superspeed. Cuddles stops the cart before falling off a cliff. Pop comes and pushes them off. Giggles is impladed on a spike on the side and is detached. Rose, seeming lost, is crushed by the cart. Cuddles is killed by the impact.


  • Spook is crushed by the seesaw.
  • Lumpy is shredded.
  • Huggles is shredded.
  • Superspeed is ran over by the cart.
  • Giggles is impaled on a spike.
  • Rose is crushed.
  • Cuddles dies in the impact.


  • The park that kills everyone is similar to the one in A Blast to the Past.
  • Spook was able to flip the seesaw because it wasn't bolted in.
  • Huggles and Lumpy died the same way.
  • Somehow Cub was strong enough to hold the cart.
  • Pop killed Cuddles, Giggles, and Rose because he was annoyed that Cuddles was using Cub.
  • Pop and Cub were supposed to come back.

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