Death Trap is a fan episode. This episode marks the first appearance of Danger, a dark purple beaver with a half bitten off ear.





In an amusement park, Danger and his friends are going through a maze made by the generic tree friends. As everyone stops, Danger continues walking. After a while, Danger becomes lost. After a few moments of looking around, the beaver finds a control room. Thinking it might get his friends out, Danger begins to press lots of buttons. As Shaky goes around a corner, a saw comes out of a bush and cuts her in half. Cuddles, Giggles, Mime, Handy and Nutty proceed to walk. Danger starts to think, and he pulls a lever. As Cuddles and Giggles walk under a sign, an axe comes down and slices them up. Mime, Handy, and Nutty find a secret room where there are a lot of screws. Danger presses another button, causing a giant screw to knock off Mime's head. Handy and Nutty get out of the room as fast as they can. But they only make matters worse, as they are both trapped in a small, square room. Danger presses a giant red button. This makes the walls come closer. As Danger makes his way out of the maze, the wall finally crushes Handy and Nutty.


  • Danger causes a saw to come out of a bush and cut Shaky in half.
  • Danger causes an axe to slice up Cuddles and Giggles.
  • Danger makes a giant screw knock off Mime's head.
  • Danger makes a wall crush Handy and Nutty by making it come closer towards them.

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