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Dempsey the Arctic Fox

Tank Dempsey is actually from a game called "Black Ops", but the creator decided to make him as a HTF character.

Character Bio

Tank Dempsey is the lead teammate of the group in Black Ops. He is a dog from the American Army. He was later stuck in a zombie apoclypse and had to team up with his rivals, Nicolai, Richtofen, and Takeo. Dempsey is the most strict teammate out of all of them.They all accidently went through the travel machine and landed in Happy Tree Ville, and were all turned into animals. Dempsey is a sergeant in the American Army. He possesses the best gun skills, and he even carries a gun in his pocket, and in his jeep. He does not flip out, but he tends to have anger issues, and kills one or more people when he is mad enough. Dempsey is also rarely happy, and frowns in almost all the episodes. He only smiles in episodes "Fight Fire with Fire" and "Zombie Sauce".


  • He is only soldier from the war that does not flip out in the HTF series.


  • Cuddles - 0
  • Giggles - 0
  • Toothy - 0
  • Lumpy - 1
  • Petunia - 2
  • Handy - 0
  • Splendid - 0
  • Sniffles - 0
  • Pop - 1
  • Cub - 0
  • Flaky - 0
  • Nutty - 0
  • Lifty - 0
  • Shifty - 1
  • The Mole - 0
  • Disco Bear - 0
  • Flippy - 0
  • Russell - 1
  • Mime - 0
  • Cro-Marmot - 0
  • Lammy - 0
  • Generic Tree Friends - 1

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